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Seoulista’s winter indoor sports


Self-management is a daily routine for a Seoulista.

Time and money are invested without any hesitation to stay fit and to maintain a healthy energy. Seoul’s work-out trend has evolved to a level where you can reap the benefits of working out from indoors, which has satisfied Seoulistas. Surfing which was only enjoyed at the beach during hot summer days can be enjoyed after work. Ice wall climbing which required traveling to the wild with many equipment can be enjoyed at a world-class level ice wall climbing center. Also, you can enjoy skiing in many world courses through a high-tech gear. We introduce a smart winter work-out regiment for Seoulista who enjoy extreme sports.

Seoulista’s SKIING

Urban Slope

A trendy Seoulista enjoys skiing in Seoul without taking a plane. Urban Slope has merged smart technology with training equipment used for national ski players. You feel like you’re actually skiing through a virtual screen and dozens of sensors analyze your movement via real-time to examine your skills. You can select the course and the quality of snow, and act out movements such as rotation and downhill skiing.

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Seoulistas examine their condition through a device that delivers the body data real-time. Cosmetic products should be kept compact with items that have a definite effect to enjoy a convenient work-out. Recommended items include a highconcentrated facial mask which provides immediate nutrients to the skin and products that keep the skin looking bright for a long period of time.

Seoulista’s ICE CLIMBING

Kolon School

Kolon Hiking School is an institution where you can learn theories and techniques dealing with climbing. Its ice wall climbing venue which reaches at 20m with ice pillars have been listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its size and quality. It is free from safety issues which makes it an attractive site to try out different sets of skills. Club activities are popular and it is considered to be a go-to-spot for extreme sports lovers..

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Temperature control is a must in the indoor ice wall climbing venue. You may choose highly functional thermal outfits and items made with ultralight materials. Portable moisturizing products are frequently applied to maintain moisture balance. Working to maintain a peak condition for the skin and body to maximize the effects of exercise are ways of enjoying work-out regime.

Seoulista’s SURFING

Flow House Seoul

Flow House is Korea’s only indoor surfing venue which frees you from all of restrictions. Once you arrive there, you get to ride on a wave for a minute but don’t underestimate it. Water is jetted at 27km per hour which makes it difficult to stand straight on your legs and keep your back up. There are also convenient facilities which make it a perfect place to stop by if you miss riding the waves.

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Equipment is extremely important when enjoying extreme sports. You should carefully choose a surfing suit made up of sturdy materials to prevent any injury as surfing relies solely on a board. Make sure you apply on a good layer of basic make-up to prevent it from being ruined by extreme movements. Strong waterproof products are must-have items when enjoying water sports.