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Calm and charming Seoulista’s winter night


Glamorous but calm, charming but noble – a Seoulista’s night shines brighter than ever.

In a suite that looks down at Gyeongbokgung, a Seoulista’s night is filled with glamour as she finishes getting ready for dinner. From the highest point, she completes her moment while soaking in Seoul’s night view where everything awakens with dazzling shining light.

Completion of beauty

An elegant journey to achieve perfect beauty. This is how a dazzling and confident Seoulista’s special night is completed.

True Wear Twin Cake No. 21 Vanilla blends in with the skin like essence to create a smooth and flawless look. True Wear Foundation No. 23 Beige applies to create a nautral beautiful look. Rouge Holic Matte No. 345 Carmen adds on a vivid and lively color with lustrous gloss to create a voluminous look.

The most shining moment

In an uninterrupted suite, a well-prepared Seoulista’s winter is filled with fiery passion and level-headed intelligence.

Shadow Duo No.2 creates an elegant eye make-up with its bright and natural pearl texture.


A dramatic moment that captures everyone’s attention. A Seoulista’s glamorous night out begins looking more fascinating than anyone else.

HERA Exceptional Eau de Parfum captivates delicate senses with its transparent and regal white floral fragrance.