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Limited edition HERA WATERIN GEL CREAM 100 ml released,
only for sale in May

워터린 젤 크림

HERA is launching WATERIN GEL CREAM 100 ml, a gel cream that fills moisture deep inside the skin, making it feel fresh and moist. This product is available only in May.

In summer, our skin becomes hot and sticky with humidity. When our skin becomes exposed to intense UV rays for a long time, it is likely to lose moisture rapidly, as moisture evaporates along with sweat. Plus, the excess sebum produced to supplement moisture is likely to result in skin trouble, and this is why we should take extra care of moisture over summer. As inner skin can be dry, even when the external skin surface looks oily, it's important to replenish the moisture in the skin from the basic stage.

HERA WATERIN GEL CREAM is a moist gel textured cream which glides on the skin, filling up dry skin like an oasis with moisture for extra volume. It contains extracts of pinitol, which is the secret of the carob tree capable of surviving in an extremely dry environment over 25 years, to combat skin lacking moisture and balance the skin’s moisture level to keep it moisturized for longer. "Skin moisturization is especially important in the summer season. It's a gel type, which makes it easy to use in all seasons, helping WATERIN GEL CREAM to absorb in the skin fast and provide both moisture delivery and a cooling effect, which makes it especially popular in summer," explained a PR manager of HERA. "Its popularity has meant that HERA has been able to release this large edition (100 ml) for a limited period. Consumers can economize by buying the WATERIN GEL CREAM 100 ml edition as it gives them a 27% discount effect compared to the original product."