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Biosonic™ is a technology inspired from research by leading beauty practitioners into vibration and the skin.
It purifies the inside and outside of the skin with vibration that vitalizes it, while massaging to make the skin as radiant and smooth as marble.

HERA BIOSONIC™ CLEANSING ENHANCER is the first step to get beautiful skin.

If the skin is left with a buildup of dirt and external irritants without purification, it adds to the stress of the skin, slows down the skin's natural activities and, as a result, ages the skin.

Inspired by research carried out into skin and vibration, HERA developed BIOSONIC™ – a technology that purifies in and outside of the skin and revitalizes the skin with sonic vibration.
(Subtitles: skin-activating vibrational energy)

BIOSONIC™ vibrates the fine, soft bristles polished with diamond to effectively remove dead skin cells and the dirt hidden deep inside the skin to cleanse the pores for skin that is smooth and soft.
Pore tightening: 41.3% after use
Reduction in the amount of dead skin cells: 42.2% after 4 weeks of use
Improvement in skin texture: 11.9% after 4 weeks of use
* Survey of 23 women aged between 30 and 50 conducted by P&K)

Deep vibration of BIOSONIC™ improves the overall health of the skin and its elasticity, brightening up the skin and preparing it for the absorption of skincare products.
(Satisfaction with brightness and radiance: 91.3% after 4 weeks of use
Improvement in skin firmness (R2): 6.6% after 4 weeks of use
Absorption compared to cleansing with the hands: about 4.7 times better after 4 weeks of use
* Survey of 23 women aged between 30 and 50 conducted by P&K
Absorption: the effectiveness with which the absorption of skincare products in the following steps is boosted)

This helps the skin restore its smooth, marble-like complexion and radiance.
(Customer satisfaction survey:
Satisfaction after use: 100%
Pore tightening: 95.7%
Smoothness: 95.7%
Absorption: 95.7%
Radiance: 91.3%
* Survey conducted from March 12, 2013 to April 11, 2013 targeting 23 women aged between 30 and 50 by P&K)

The power to revitalize the skin