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Shin Min-a, whose everyday life is like photo shoot


Why does Shin Min-a look like she’s just stepped out of a movie each day? Is it her face? Or figure? The secret is her moisturized, textured skin that glows with good health.

(Makeup artist/stylist, Choi Si-no) Everyone is asking about what you use when doing makeup. Can I tell them that you only use MIST CUSHION?

(Shin Min-a) People ask me all the time whether I really only use MIST CUSHION. But you know that I am a big fan of MIST CUSHION. By simply dabbing it on the skin, I can get radiant skin filled with moisture so that it looks as if I’ve just done makeup.

(Makeup artist/stylist, Choi Si-no) Yes. HERA MIST CUSHION is the one for textured, glowing skin.

(Shin Min-a) MIST CUSHION is the secret of my radiant, textured skin.

(Narration) HERA UV MIST CUSHION with 800 thousand fine moisture particles makes the skin look moist and glow like mist does.

(Shin Min-a) Textured, radiant skin that looks beautiful every day like in a glossy fashion magazine – it's yours now.