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Makeup tips for HERA CUSHION LINER


(A video that describes how to use HERA CUSHION LINER)
1. The perfect skin-fitting texture helps you draw sharp lines.
2. A liner that is less powdery with less smudging.
3. Easy to cleanse with only lukewarm water.
4. No need to adjust the amount, as the right amount for single use is placed on the brush.
5. Simple-to-use liner that you can use to draw lines by dabbing onto mucous membranes.


[Lesson - How to use CUSHION LINER]
Step 1: put an adequate amount on Cushion Sponge

Step 2: use CUSHION LINER to draw lines
01 Dot on the center of the eyelids
02 Dot at the innermost corner of the eyelids
03 Dot at the outermost corner of the eyelids
04 Connect three dots to draw a more neat-looking line
05 Draw a line past the outermost corner of the eye using the diagonal side of the brush
06 Draw a line on the other eye for a balance between the left and right eyes

[Extra tip]Easy cleansing with lukewarm water

[Special look with CUSHION LINER]
No.01 BLACK NOIR: for eyes that are sharp and look well-defined
No.02 AMBER BROWN: for eyes that are natural and look soft
No.03 OLIVIER: for eyes that are mysterious and look chic