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1. 12-hour lasting curls
2. No smudges over 12 hours
3. Easy to cleanse with lukewarm water


New 2013 RICH CURLING MASCARA celebrates the 10th anniversary this year as it was first launched in 2003.
RICH CURLING MASCARA has become the most representative HERA mascara thanks to continuous love and support from customers.

Let's see how HERA has improved RICH CURLING MASCARA to perfection through 10 years of research.

HERA RICH CURLING MASCARA fulfills your needs:
- Dramatic curling perfect for drooping Korean eyelashes
- Smudge-free formula that lasts for up to 12 hours
- Easy cleansing with lukewarm water
It is a smart multi-mascara that perfectly satisfies all three needs.

Plus, the Peanut Brush that's unique to RICH CURLING MASCARA is best for drooping Korean eyelashes as it sets each lash from the root, holding up the drooping innermost and outermost parts of the eyelashes to make the eyes look wider at both the inner and outer corners.

1. 12-hour lasting curls
Its curling-fixing power is as strong as the holding power of hairspray to hold the curls of the eyelashes for up to 12 hours to keep the eyelashes looking beautiful without smudging, even when you blink your eyes or shed tears.
In addition, a survey revealed that the use of this mascara makes the eyes look about 20% bigger.
If you want to make your eyes look bigger, use this mascara.

Survey conducted by Kyunghee University Skin Biotechnology Center targeting 21 adult women / Result: the eyes look bigger up to 20.79% (the big-eye effect) after using this mascara thanks to its 12-hour hold of curls.

2. No smudges over 12 hours
The biggest reason for women not using mascara is smudging.
But RICH CURLING MASCARA dries in 10 seconds and quickly sets the eyelashes to prevent smudging under the eyes. Plus, it also uses high melting point natural wax devoid of lipids to easily bounce off sweat, sebum and water.
(RICH CURLING MASCARA does not smudge even when you apply a moist foundation like UV MIST CUSHION.)

Survey conducted by Kyunghee University Skin Biotechnology Center targeting 21 adult women / Result: 12-hours of no-smudge effect improved 2.8 times over the previous version before AD.

3. Easy to cleanse with lukewarm water
Tube Cleansing Technology is combined with Super Fitting Technology™ unique to HERA to allow mascara to be removed in one go when it comes to contact with a large amount of water.
Allow me cleanse the mascara with a cotton pad to show you how it works.
Can you see that?
Don't forget, a mascara that runs over the skin like an ink smudges when cleansing, cause pigmentation and dark circles to appear under the eyes.

And if you find it difficult to curl up the eyelashes using RICH CURLING MASCARA, here is what you should do:
RICH CURLING MASCARA curls the eyelashes upward from the root instead of brushing the eyelashes from top to bottom.
Keep this in mind.

RICH CURLING MASCARA quickly sets the eyelashes. It's therefore recommended to apply it on the eyelashes on one eye and then the other.

Remember these three steps when applying mascara.
Curl up the eyelashes at the center first, then at the innermost corner and outermost corners.

If you think your eyelashes are short and would like to get long lashes, apply mascara at the ends of eyelashes with a light stroke using the tip of the brush.