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HERA BIOSONIC™ CLEANSING ENHANCER for skin that is as radiant and smooth as marble

Can the skin change through cleansing?
Come and find out yourself.

Here is an interesting test using HERA BIOSONIC™ CLEANSING ENHANCER for Korean women.

Cleansing test site at ET Studio in Daechi-dong, Seoul, Korea
(Hand out a number card.)

Greetings with test participants
(No.24) Jeong Hye-jeong, who lives in Seocho-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

"Nice to meet you."
(No.36) Yoo Yeon-jin, who lives in Cheongun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

"I've never seen this kind of test before."
(No.06) Oh Mi-ae, who lives in Shincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

The skin tells its own story.

Test 1: How old do you think the subject in the skin test is?
Subject 1 cleanses the skin.

[Reactions after touching the skin of the subject]
(No.06) 23 years old, or in their twenties at least
(No.27) Her skin is so firm and supple. She must be in her 20s or younger.
(No.16) Considering how soft her skin is, I think the participant must be 24 years old.

She is 35 years old.

[Reactions of participants after learning the truth]
(No.27) Really?
(No.06) I really thought she was younger than me.
(No.16) Is she really in her 30s?
(No.06) Wow.

Test 2. How is the skin of the subject?
Subject 2 cleanses the skin.

[Reactions after touching the skin of the subject]
(No.37) Her skin is so supple and firm, it's almost like jelly.
(No.50) The subject must have had a peeling treatment.

The subject is not a woman.

[Reactions after touching the skin of the subject]
(No.50) Wow, the subject was a man.

Test 3. What is the difference between two subjects' skins?
Subject 3 cleanses only half the face.

[Reactions after touching the cleansed part]
(No.13) The skin feels soft, smooth and firm.
(A participant in blue jacket) I cannot feel any pores. The skin is really smooth.
(No.27) The skin doesn't feel rough - not at all. It feels almost like fine porcelain.

[Reactions after touching the part of the skin that is cleansed only with hands]
(No.13) I don't think she has taken good care of her skin.
(A participant in blue jacket) The skin feels rough, with dead skin cells noticeably remaining on her skin.
(No.27) Her skin feels rougher than the one before. She must be neglectful of her skin, right?

These different reactions were in fact for the same person.

(No.27) One person? Oh, my god. Both parts feel totally different.
(A participant in blue jacket) How is it possible that two areas of skin can look and feel so different?
(No.06) What products did she use?
(No.27) What on earth did she do to her skin?
(No.16) What did she do?