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선 메이트 쿨링 무스

With summer here, HERA is launching the SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE, a new multi sun mousse that reduces the temperature of the skin with moist water drops and SUN MATE BODY SPRAY, a body mist spray with fine particles that are sprayed and absorbed into the skin to keep it fresh.

SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE is now coming back with a more advanced performance, following its successful release last year. SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE is a sun care product with mousse formulation that changes to moist water drops as soon as it's applied on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling cool and pleasant with its powerful SPF50+ sun block performance and cooling effect from excellent moist sensation. Plus, it's multi-functional: makeup base and face & body sun care product, so you can do smart sun care with it.

Launched in April, SUN MATE BODY SPRAY is a body mist spray UV protector with fine particles that are spayed and absorbed freshly into the skin. This body sun block can be sprayed easily and fast over a large area to provide a fresh, cooling sensation. In addition, it provides powerful SPF 50+PA+++ sun block function to block UV rays effectively, while also realizing a waterproof effect that prevents it from being washed off in either sweat or water.

"SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE and BODY SPRAY are must-haves for blocking out harmful UV rays in spring and summer," says a PR personnel from HERA. "The popularity of SUN MATE, which comes in two types, always grows at this time of the year, when people like to enjoy outdoor activities such as climbing and camping. It's great cooling function actually reduces skin temperature. Plus, it has a high UV block level and allows for easy application."

Use HERA's SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE and SUN MATE BODY SPRAY to enjoy the sun this summer.