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PRINTS 2015-07-01
하기 내용 참조

The jewelry on the tip of your nail brings the beauty of SEOULISTA, the muse of HERA, to perfection.
Get the SEOULISTA look with vivid and sensual colors and bright luster.

HIGH JEWELRY for SEOULISTA | Jewelry that brings perfection to the style of SEOULISTA - HERA NAIL ENAMEL 14 COLOR PALETTE

  • 443 GOLD CHANDELIER Gold pearl that shines likes a chandelier earring
    • 171 WHITE VEIL A white pearl hidden like a delicate veil
    • 102 PEARLY PINK Shimmering pink that's as elegant and innocent as pearl
    • 125 PINK MINUET Elegant pink that's like the melody of a minuet
    • 268 TANGERINE BANGLE The sweet, fresh color of tangerine
    • 223 SEOULISTA Coral pink, the color that defines SEOULISTA
    • 139 BIJOU PINK Pink that's as bright as beads
    • 330 CAMELLIA RED Red that's as fascinating as camellia
    • 403 ALMOND CASHMERE Almond pink that's as soft as cashmere
    • 483 BROWN BRAID Brown that's as natural as brown braid
    • 154 VINTAGE VIOLET Sentimental grey violet
    • 168 FANCY PURPLE Sophisticated urban purple
    • 195 ROYAL PURPLE Luxurious and elegant deep purple
    • 523 COBALT AMULET Lucky cobalt from the deep sea


  • HERA NAIL BASE COAT Quick-dry base coat that helps color formation and protects the nails from damage
    • HERA NAIL TOP COAT Quick-dry top coat that protects the nails and enhances both gloss and persistency