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PRINTS 2014-08-06
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Men embrace essence
Bill Gates' donation pledge and Leonardo DiCaprio's environmental protection work... Every successful man has their own essence that determines his life.
These four gentlemen, despite their difference in age and career, have one thing in common – they all have an essence, which is their life motto.

If a life is the process of putting a puzzle together, these four men are surely finding the brightest piece at the moment. It's just like their skin that emits a glow from inside has finally got perfection when met with HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN. These four gentlemen, who gathered at the matter garage, are: (from left) Lee Hee-jae, CEO of HJL STUDIO, Oh Seung-joon, Director of Morgan Stanley, and Song Bong-gyu and Lee Seok-woo, joint CEOs of SWBK (design consulting) and Matter and Matter (furniture brand). The HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN product displayed is a high-functional power skin toner that bring youth to skin with Men's Abcell™ ingredient optimized for men's skin. 125 ml. 40,000 KRW.

Energy that brings balance in life – Oh Seung-joon, Director of Morgan Stanley

A day in the life of Oh is like a fire that won't go out easily. His role covers overseas fund trading and stock trading, and once the stock market opens, he is absorbed in his work, without having time even to take private phone calls. After he calls it a day, the second act of his life begins. Three times a week, he goes to an ice rink to perfect the ice hockey skills he learnt since his college days. Loving the thrill of one of the world's fastest sports, Oh is a member of three ice hockey clubs. He says he gets energy when he finds a balance between work and sports. "I would not be as happy as I am if I leaned to one side. If I try hard to make a balance between work, sports and family, I can spend a day full of resolution and vision. I feel every day like this is the first day of the rest of my life. Of course, I totally count on HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN for a balance in my skin, which tends to otherwise be tired due to stress and fatigue."
Essence for Me, Essence in Skin: The watch on my wrist is the IWC Seven Days that my wife gave me as a wedding gift when we married last summer. It's my precious essential item that reminds me of the happiest moment of my life. HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is an item that is always in my car, which means I can apply it every day after my exercise. Applying this revitalizes my skin immediately.

The power of creating intangible values – Lee Hee-jae, CEO of HJL STUDIO

Lee opened HJL STUDIO after studying architecture in New York. He is currently designing new residential spaces fit for single lifestyles. As he is usually on construction sites all day long, he tries to make sure he gives his skin intensive care. "Applying HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN alone after taking a shower immediately brings energy to dry skin that's become tired due to stress and dust during the day." He says grooming is the element that determines one's first impression, so he takes particular care of grooming, especially when he meets new people. He bought not one, but several bottles, and put them in spaces such as his car, bathroom and exercise space, so that it's always readily available, no matter where he is. "A human body is like a building structure. As a robust framework is essential for a good building, grooming to bring internal health is more important than tangible care to men. HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is a high-functional power skin toner that makes the inside of your skin healthy, and this is why I love it."
Essence for Me, Essence in Skin: A monograph on Shiro Kuramata, a Japanese architect, published by PHAIDON. I began to collect architectural books when I went to a university, and this collection of books is now an essential part of my life. It's like HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN, which is always with me when I do grooming.

Design based on trust – Song Bong-gyu and Lee Seok-woo, joint-CEOs of SWBK

The powerful designer duo of SWBK, Song Bong-gyu and Lee Seok-woo, who call themselves a 'design consult office'. "We work in different ways, but we both think that we do value-based design. We also have the same philosophy in that we listen to and understand the vision of our clients and create value out of it." As they trust each other, even a disagreement between them often leads to a better result, which is in keeping with the principle of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. These two CEOs, who are different in both characteristics and style, find themselves in common when they focus on skincare ahead of an important business meeting or presentation. "We both agree that grooming is like quiet gloss. In fact, men who put too much on are not attractive at all. The reason we use HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is that using this high concentration essence can create young and vivid skin that helps you win the trust of your counterparts."
Essence for Me, Essence in Skin: The charger exclusively for BWM i-series, the first model of the brand. (Song Bong-gyu) The first mass-production version of Matter & Matter leg chair. It was a very special experience, and we created it in collaboration with Indonesian master craftsmen. I think the first experience always becomes a meaningful essence of life. In just the same way, HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is the first step item to be applied on the skin. (Lee Seok-woo)