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PRINTS 2014-08-06
하단 참조

Blind Test Winner in Water Essence Category (HEREN January issue)

HERA CELL ESSENCE, a watery essence

First introduced late last year, water-type essence products started a material skincare trend that has changed the 'beauty steps' of many women almost overnight. Most beauty brands have released watery essence products that combine various ingredients and technologies, but the one that captivated the hearts of HEREN beauty influencers was HERA CELL ESSENCE. Many survey respondents said it absorbs fast as it is made from water, which is most similar to skin, and also gives life and vitality to skin immediately, completely changing the skin overnight. The secret is Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™, an ingredient developed based on the body fluid-mimicking technology by HERA, a brand that has conducted continuous research into skin-restoring water. The specially formulated water is designed to deliver valid ingredients required by aged and tired skin as effectively and fast as possible. Every day that you use CELL ESSENCE with this ingredient, your skin will regain energy as if you've just been recharged. If you keep using it, your skin will become smoother and more moist, and ultimately you will get clean and bright, rejuvenated skin.
HERA CELL ESSENCE 150 ml. 60,000 KRW

84% Since I began to use it, I have felt my skin smoother and more moist every day.

"What makes HERA CELL ESSENCE special is its facial care cotton. If you take a sufficient amount of essence on the wave-patterned cotton and wipe your skin with it, working from the inside outwards, you can remove any dead skin cells. If you simply put the cotton on any spot that requires care, you will get the same kind of intensive effect as if you were using a mask." - Chang Eun-ryung, Cellist