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MOUSSE TREATMENT (inStyle August issue)

PRINTS 2014-08-01
하단 내용 참조

There is a good reason for the tremendous surge in popularity currently enjoyed by mousse-type anti-aging products. The soft fine mousse foam reinforces the skin barrier, while sparkling foam increases the massaging effect for skin that has more elasticity. Plus, it gives a fresh and moist sensation! This is why we pay attention to anti-aging mousse treatment products.

Many celebrities love the unique fresh and cool sensation of mousse-type products. As soon as it is applied, the multi-treatment product foams a moisturizing layer as it works on the inside and outside of the skin, and facilitates blood circulation with a sparkling foam massaging, making your skin more elastic.

Han Eun-jung

"This is amazing. I only applied just a little, but my skin is now unbelievably moist! It has a delicate scent and, best of all, it's really easy to use. That means, it's easy to take it with me whenever I go on a trip."

Yoon Seung-ah

"I feel cool with this on my skin, and this texture is so soft, it feels like fresh cream, which helps me feel really fresh. It helps to make the skin more moist by helping the skincare products applied next in the skincare routine get absorbed easily into the skin."

Choi Yeo-jin

"With its rich texture and minimal sticky sensation, it's great for doing fresh skincare. It sprays on fresh, making it the right choice for when you want to calm your skin."

Cha Ye-ryun

"It's a rich mousse-type product, but once applied on the skin, it makes the skin elastic. With this, my skin remains moist for a long time, as if covered with a moisturizing layer."

Yoon So-yi

"It feels so cool on the skin as it's a mousse-type product. Then, while you massage your skin to help it absorb, you can also apply some finger pressure cure on some lumps."

How to use

  • How to use this innovative mousse treatment more effectively.
  • Use it in the last stage of your skincare in the evening.
  • Shake the product 5-6 times. Take a cherry tomato-sized amount and apply it thinly.
  • Then, wait for 3 minutes.
  • Gently pat the residual foam with your hands and help it absorb into skin by covering it gently with your palm.