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PRINTS 2014-07-15
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Mousse care that restores the skin without any irritation

Simply rubbing the skin hard when cleansing or applying a product hard on skin results in fine scratches on your skin. The increasing scratches will make your skin more sensitive, ultimately leading to fine wrinkles.

If your skin is currently in bad condition after an exciting vacation, small irritations should not be ignored. This is why the smart thing is to have post-holiday skincare items using the mousse texture that HERA recommends. First, in the cleansing stage where hands touch skin the most, try the soft, fine mousse-textured HERA SILKY CLEANSING MOUSSE.

Its high-cleansing fine foam makes your skin very clean, even with just a couple of applications. HERA ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT contains skin activating ingredients in soft bubbles in a mask-type product that you don't need to wash off, which enables you to do skin regenerative care at home. Upon being applied to skin, it forms a skin moisturizing layer, which helps the preceding stage product become absorbed into the skin like a finisher.

Both products bring elasticity to skin as they contain sparkling foam that helps with blood circulation.