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In March, HERA WHITE PROGRAM takes another step up; the advanced version provides a moisturizing effect in addition to its original whitening effect to brighten up the skin from within.

HERA WHITE PROGRAM uses HERA’s original innovative brightening ingredient, Bio-MelasolvTM* to keep control of melanin production. It removes all signs of pigmentation resulted from exposure to UV rays, for example freckles and blemishes, but also recovers the biological rhythm in the skin after irregular schedules and lack of sleep to make the skin look brighter and healthier.

Its improved moisturizing effect and light Slim Texture break the stereotype of skin whitening product leaving the skin dry. New refreshing and feminine Freesia Fantasy scent added to WHITE PROGRAM is another benefit not to be missed.

CAPSULE AMPOULE, the main of WHITE PROGRAM gives a professional touch to make the skin flawless and glowing.

This spring, lend brightness and a dewy glow to your skin using HERA WHITE PROGRAM comprising six items: WHITE PROGRAM CLEANSING FOAM, HYDRATING WATER, HYDRATING EMULSION, EFFECTOR, CAPSULE AMPOULE and RADIANCE MASK.

* Bio-Melasolv™: HERA’s original skin brightening ingredient, which inhibits the production of melanin and lightens up the skin from within

Product description

  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM DEEP CLEANSING FOAM [Net Wt.: 200ml, Price: KRW 32,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    A skin brightening cleansing foam with cellulose beads and rich, fine-textured foam to give clear, bright skin

    * To be released in April 2017

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  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM HYDRATING WATER [Net Wt.: 150ml, Price: KRW 50,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    A lightweight brightening water with Slim Texture to even out the skin tone, smoothen and prep the skin while boosting the skin brightening effect

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  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM HYDRATING EMULSION [Net Wt.: 120ml, Price: KRW 55,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    A light textured brightening emulsion to fill the skin with moisture to give dewy, glowing skin

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  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM EFFECTOR [Net Wt.: 40ml, Price: KRW 100,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    A brightening serum with L.E.D. Technology™ for skin that’s flawless and glowing more brightly than ever

    * L.E.D Technology™ : Brightening complex of Melasolv for fundamental brightening care.

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  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM CAPSULE AMPOULE [Net Wt.: 7.7g*6, Price: KRW 160,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    6-week brightening program ampoule that uproots the cause of freckles, blemishes and skin imperfections for even-toned skin

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  • HERA WHITE PROGRAM RADIANCE MASK [Net Wt.: 6 sheets, Price: KRW 55,000+, brightening and anti-wrinkle product]

    A mask designed to brighten and improve the complexion of the skin exhausted and roughened by external irritants and stress

    * Released in October 2016

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