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하기 내용 참조

In March, HERA introduces advanced SUN MATE LEPORTS. Dubbed Korea’s favorite sunscreen, the innovative and trendy HERA SUN MATE LEPORTS has once again been enhanced with more powerful UV protection and new technology.

New advanced HERA SUN MATE LEPORTS has PA++++ higher than the old version PA+++ to more effectively block UVA, which can otherwise damage the skin. It’s designed to protect the skin during outdoor activities using Sweatproof FilmTM technology that forms a thin waterproof film resistant to sweat and water when a small powder comprising of main UV protection ingredients breaks over the skin.

It has witch hazel leaf water that offers a soothing effect so that the skin feels comfortable when it’s outside in the sun. Another advantage is the Water Lux texture that’s as light as water. It leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed along with the fresh green floral scent.

Instead of rubbing it, lightly dab over the skin exposed to UV rays including the face, arms and legs. It will cool and refresh the skin with a light soothing finish. As the warm spring breeze blows away the cold winter, March is a good time for outdoor activities and you need to take extra care of your skin against UV rays. Thanks to SUN MATE LEPORTS, you will be able to enjoy your time outside in the sun without any worries.

HERA SUN MATE LEPORTS is available from March via HERA stores.