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Lee Minho falls in love again with her beautiful lips “You’re so pretty it makes me furious!”

하기 내용 참조

Jun Jihyun’s lovely lip makeup is shining through the absorbing story of the SBS TV drama series The Legend of The Blue Sea. In the 16th episode aired on January 11, Lee Minho (Heo Joonjae) grumbles about Jun Jihyun (Shim Cheong) being too pretty after wearing makeup all by herself, drawing smiles from viewers.

Jun Jihyun’s lipstick and her lip makeup in The Legend of The Blue Sea are simply sensational every day. Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun herself recognized her stunning beauty in the 16th episode, which made viewers wonder about how she can be so beautiful and what lipstick she used.

In fact, it was pink coral lipstick and flawless skin that made Jun Jihyun shine through the romantic-thrilling episode. Smooth, flawless dewy skin using HERA UV MIST CUSHION COVER NO.21 and the lovely pink coral color of HERA ROUGE HOLIC EXCEPTIONAL NO.235 MI AMOR SEOUL put the beauty of Jun Jihyun playing Shim Cheong to perfection.

In this scene where Jun Jihyun did her own makeup, Lee Minho and all the viewers were very taken with her. Soon after the episode was aired, there was a rush of viewers asking about products that she used in the scene and social media was inundated with reviews saying about the cute grumbling of Heo Joonjae about Shim Cheong being too pretty, and the goddess-like beauty of Jun Jihyun, her signature pink coral lips, and, quite simply, Jun Jihyun being the best and that she looks beautiful no matter what.

Lipstick used by Jun Jihyun in the 16th episode of The Legend of The Blue Sea

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