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On November 21, 2016, HERA released RICH LONG LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA that makes the eyelashes clean and voluminous with long curls.

The new RICH LONG LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA neatly curls up each eyelash with a powerful long-lasting effect that keeps the curls for a long time. Your lashes can look naturally long with fine fiber that is 1/4–1/5 the size of the real lashes. Also, two types of fine fiber with different lengths make both long and short lashes look equally long, while its lighter-than-water content gives long-lasting curls.

In particular, HERA RICH LONG LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA has a waterproof effect in addition to its ability to create alluring eyelashes with long-lash boosting and curling effect. The Water-free Formula with a stronger waterproof effect will make you confident at all times without any powder flying or smudges around the eyes. Also, it is an easy-cleansing product that is convenient to wash off easily with oil remover, leaving no residues of fiber powder.

Get a confident and luxurious look anytime, anywhere with long, smudge-free and alluring eyelashes thanks to HERA RICH LONG LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA.