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HERA releases UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT in July 2016 for skin that stays fresh, soft and matt all day long, even in the middle of hot summer.

On the hot and humid days of summer, women wish for one thing above all: perfect base makeup that lasts long in hot and muggy weather. Newly advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT uses Slip-on Skin Smoothing Powder which has a lower slip coefficient and a highly blendable formula to provide smooth, yet thorough coverage of the pores without giving a stuffy feeling. Silicone Elastomer smoothens the skin's surface, just like a primer does.
Another feature is its long wear and sebum control effects for fresh, matt skin in the scorching heat. Sweat Proof System coats the skin with a flexible, yet firm film to ensure long lasting makeup, while Micro Matt Finish Powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed after application. Natural aloe vera extract provides an instant cooling and soothing effect, making it perfect to use in the summer heat.

Boost your skin confidence with advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT, the new summer essential for keeping your skin fresh and soft all day long in the sweltering summer heat. New HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT will be available at HERA counters in department stores nationwide from July.