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HERA releases M&D collaboration

하기 내용 참조

In October 2015, HERA unveils the M&D collaboration born from joint work with the hottest fashion designers, Mirko Fontana & Diego Marquez, who are famous for their collections of witty objets and innovative use of digital printing technique.

HERA has been much loved through its special collaboration with fashion designers, including Au Jour Le Jour Collection in April 2014 and Olympia Le-Tan Collection in April 2015. This season, HERA joins hands with Italian fashion designers Mirko Fontana & Diego Marquez, who are known the world over for their passionate and unique approach.

This HERA M&D Collaboration is particularly well translated into the travel diary of SEOULISTA and her cosmetics. Customers will be fascinated by the way the best-selling items of HERA capture the feeling of SEOULISTA meeting with global friends on her travels around Milan, Shanghai, New York, Paris and Seoul in a unique and witty style.

M&D Collaboration in fun and colorful design includes the first ever skincare collaboration, PURIFYING CLEANSING OIL, as well as HERA's best-selling items – UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE, ROUGE HOLIC, MAGIC STARTER, FACE DESIGNING BLUSHER and NAIL ENAMEL COLOR – as well as the new PICTURE PERFECT EYE PALETTE and PLUMP COLOR DIARY, comprising a selection of lip & eye sticks. Packed with the youthful inspiration of famous fashion designers and the unique charms of HERA, this HERA M&D Collaboration will go beyond mere cosmetic appeal to bring a sense of fun to women.