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HERA is releasing UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE that gives the skin long-lasting, powerful moisture that doesn't dry it out.

UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE SPF34 PA++ (15 g*2, 48,000+ KRW) is a highly moisturizing Cushion that gives a smooth skin texture through providing persistent moisture and dead skin cell care. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid and mineral clay water provide sufficient moisture to the skin, while camellia oil makes the skin smoother. The product also contains algae extract, which makes a smoother skin texture. This product provides deep moisture that lasts for a long time thanks to containing moisturizer that is 4.2 times stronger than that of the existing UV MIST CUSHION.

Released for the upcoming F/W season, UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE will give you the clear baby face skin that's every woman's dream, when used together with MAGIC STARTER to replenish the skin's moisture, and CC CREAM to make the skin look brighter and younger. Think of these three products as your 'Base Director' for creating a bright, clear baby face perfectly. Meanwhile, the 'Top Match for clear, younger looking skin' video depicts a war of nerves between three top models, Lee Hyun-yi, Park Seul-gi, and Kim Mi-jeong on the backstage using the Base Director, which has gone viral online. (

This winter, you are recommended to pay attention to UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE, the best Cushion for giving your skin infinite moisture and brightness.