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Actor Ji Jin-hee becomes a photographer!


Actor Ji Jin-hee becomes a photographer.

Many people were surprised when Ji Jin-hee suddenly appeared in the street and began to take photos. The women who appear in Ji's photos boast exceptionally bright and clear skin, despite working long hours and having hectic schedules. People who witnessed his photography skills were impressed: "Wow, Ji Jin-hee in the flesh is also hot!", "What photos is he taking?", "I want to see his photos", and "Who is the woman in the picture?".

You can check out how Ji Jin-hee looks like as a photographer and of course his works on HERA's Facebook page from February 11.

This HERA MAGIC STARTER Photo Essay event will show photos of women taken by actor Ji Jin-hee, and you can also participate in the exhibit by posting photos on your Instagram with the hashtag #hera. You can also make your own MAGIC STARTER commercial movie using a few photos of your own.

All these contents will be submitted to MAGIC STARTER PHOTO ESSAY (, and every week five will be selected at random and given HERA MAGIC STARTER, which makes the skin bright and clear in any situation. You can also get a MAGIC STARTER sample kit (5 ml) simply by seeing the MAGIC STARTER PHOTO ESSAY. (Event period: Feb. 11 ~ Mar. 9)