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셀-바이오 크림

HERA brings you CELL-BIO CREAM, a product that combats various skin concerns and changes the 'rule of skin' that won't change easily.

CELL-BIO CREAM [50 ml, 90,000+ KRW] contains Cell-Bio Omnifocus™, an ingredient developed by copying the core functions of a cell. Cell-Bio Omnifocus™ is HERA's next generation anti-aging ingredient that was created after 87,600 hours of R&D and patented in five countries (South Korea, U.S., France, Japan and Mainland China). It creates a clear baby face by combating the fundamental causes of skin concerns.

To resolve skin concerns, it's vitally important to target the core reason for skin trouble. Developed solely by HERA, Cell-Bio Omnifocus™ works on the core of skin concerns and changes the hard-to-change 'rule of skin'. This ingredient provides seven skin improvement effects [tone/texture/density/elasticity/gloss/moisture/transparency], and enables you to experience noticeably improved skin.

The Facial Care that comes with this product is made from 100% cotton drenched in water essence. Take a small amount of CELL-BIO CREAM on the gauze and apply it on the skin once a week. After using toner, put the gauze between the fingers in a diagonal direction and take an 1 ml amount (about the same size as two ginkgo nuts) in the finger direction, and apply the cream on the skin to gently wipe the face from inside outwards, until it fully absorbs into the skin. Experience totally changed skin with HERA CELL-BIO CREAM.

"In the morning after using CELL-BIO CREAM, you can feel with the tip of your fingers how skin now has enhanced elasticity and a softer texture. This product is particularly recommended for customers who want a fast effect targeting complex skin concerns," says a source from HERA. "We conducted a large-scale preliminary sampling through a Cell-Silhouette movie on YouTube, which received over 100,000 hits in its first day, 1 million in 10 days, and 1.55 million by January 2. There are already many inquires about this product thanks to the strong word of mouth advertising from customers who tried it through sampling."

In January 2014, let's get a totally changed clear baby face with HERA's rich, moist next-generation anti-aging cream that targets the core reason for skin trouble.