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착착착 매직처럼 화장 잘 받는 피부로 바뀌다 - 세상에 처음 나온 헤라 매직 스타터

In February, HERA will launch new MAGIC STARTER that, like magic, makes skin very receptive to makeup.

This product replenishes any moisture lost from the skin and takes care of the skin texture, making the skin very receptive to makeup so that the makeup can cling to the skin and stay for a long time. MAGIC STARTER's unique moisture magnet sheen coating effect allows the cream to absorb into the skin upon being applied, raising the level of moisture in the skin and improving the skin density derived from its unique elastic quality.

It also makes the skin look smooth by making the skin tone bright and clear, rather than heavy and dull, while also using a translucent cover. Its light reflecting qualities opens the way to transparent makeup emitting a quiet sheen from within the skin. The powder that copies the sole of a gecko moving freely on the ceiling catches foundation like a magnet, allowing makeup to remain beautiful.

This product consists of three colors so that you can express the skin type you want. #1 FIRST RADIANCE: Moist, bright and clear skin, #2 INNER GLOW: Moist, clean and sheen skin, #3 BLOOMING MOISTURE: Moist, lively and bright skin.

"The 'Moisture Cling, Luster Cling, and Coat Cling' effect creates skin that's receptive to makeup in any condition," said a source from HERA. "Even when your skin is tired and dry in the morning or on a night out, all you need to do perfect makeup is MAGIC STARTER."

In the upcoming season, why don't you get skin that's receptive to makeup everyday, like magic with HERA MAGIC STARTER?