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The first batch of HERA MAGIC STARTER sold out!

매직 스타터

Radiant orchid – dreamlike light purple color. This color is leading the trend for 2014. Pantone, the global color consulting group, chose Radiant Orchid as the trend color for 2014, the beauty and fashion industries have been winning over consumers with products that emphasize the 'warm and bright' and 'girlish and lovely' image of radiant orchid.

Last February, HERA announced its new makeup start cream MAGIC STARTER, whose main color is orchid. This product allows makeup to be more persistent by optimizing the skin with moisturization and skin texture care before makeup. The first batch of MAGIC STARTER for department stores sold out in only the two weeks of its launch, highlighting the explosive growth in base makeup sales from a year earlier. As more and more women want a clear baby face, the popularity of multi-functional base products like MAGIC STARTER has been soaring once again. From February 11, the MAGIC STARTER Photo Essay event, in which actor Ji Jin-hee becomes a photographer, also went down well with users online, helping the first batch of the product to sell out in record time.

Perhaps what people love most about the MAGIC STARTER is that it can create perfect and clear baby face makeup. It clings to skin with moisture and give skin a natural brightness. Although it makes a clear skin tone, its excellent ability to change and correct tones has been generating word of mouth, with consumers saying that it's a must-have start cream for base makeup. In addition, consumers have noted that you get the most from MAGIC STARTER when using it together with CC CREAM and UV MIST CUSHION. "Using CC CREAM and UV MIST CUSHION after using MAGIC STARTER in your makeup routine dramatically enhances their application and persistency. So, I recommend all three of them as a 3-step makeup product," said a source from a HERA shop in a department store." Actually, 40% of the buyers of MAGIC STARTER buy CC CREAM and UV MIST CUSHION together to satisfy their need for clear, baby face makeup.

The MAGIC STARTER 3-step makeup for a clear baby face allows you to raise skin tone with MAGIC STARTER, then create smooth and spotless skin with CC CREAM. In the final step, softly tap the overall skin with the UV MIST CUSHION, perfecting your clear baby face makeup with more coverage and luster.