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쿠션 라이너

In March, HERA is launching the CUSHION LINER, a new cushion-type liquid gel liner.

CUSHION LINER is a new liquid gel liner that combines the natural and easy lining feel of a gel liner and the smudge-proof clean lining of a liquid liner. In addition, HERA's Thinnest Film Formation Technology, which forms a thin film in the area around the eyes, reinforces the power of the eyeliner, which stays close to the eyes, reducing flying powder and smudging, and enabling a thin and clean line that stays a long time simply with a touch.

The diagonal brush that comes with the product has been designed with the eye shape of Korean women in mind. You can draw a line with the plane part of the brush as if marking dots, while you can use the pointy part of the brush to create a winged-out edge or to draw a thick line.

This product consists of three colors so you can express a variety of eye makeup effects, depending on the situation. #1 BLACK NOIR: Rich black color for clean eye lines, #2 AMBER BROWN: For natural eye lines with a warm brown color and sparkling gold, #3 OLIVIER: For refined and exotic deep eyes with seductive olive green and gold pearl.