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HERA's CELL ESSENCE movie, "Shin Min-a's One Day Morning"
has been an Internet sensation


HERA's leading water essence CELL ESSENCE containing Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ that copies body fluid within our skin to give smooth clear baby face. It's popularity has been surging through strong word of mouth following the release of Shin Min-a's One Day Morning movie, which received 150,000 hits in only its first 3 days.

Released on March 10, the movie depicts a dream of Shin Min-a in which her skin is changed overnight after using CELL ESSENCE. The theme alludes to the busy daily life of career women and represents situations in Shin Min-a's dream in fun ways in which her skin is changed to give her a bright and clear skin tone overnight.

This movie is available to view on HERA's official YouTube channel ( and Facebook page, while the CELL ESSENCE sampling event is open to anyone who has watched the movie. This event, which runs until April 9, also provides those who watched the movie with a mobile coupon for CELL ESSENCE 15 ml sample kit.

It's also accompanied by another event 'Find CELL ESSENCE Synchro Friends'. Just as CELL ESSENCE resembles body fluid in the skin and provides excellent skincare effects, this event ( finds your Facebook friends who resemble you in terms of your lifestyle. It analyzes your Facebook activities and finds 'synchro' friends who have the same interests, behavior patterns and likes as yours. Both you and your synchro friends will be given a 'CELL ESSENCE Sample Kit'.

"The movie is about a woman who leads a busy life without any time for skincare, when suddenly she meets CELL ESSENCE that resembles the body fluid in her skin. Through using it, she comes to have smooth and bright skin. The popularity of the actress Shin Min-a who appeared in the movie also accelerated the word of mouth impact of the movie online," said a source from HERA. "Since the movie was posted, the number of people who look for CELL ESSENCE has shown a constant rising trend, with the product looking every inch the bestseller it has always been. And this popularity is expected to have a positive influence on skincare items for the change of seasons."

HERA CELL ESSENCE [150 ml, 60,000+ KRW] contains Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™, which resembles the body fluid in the skin. This ingredient copies the body fluid inside the skin through Cell-Bio Synchro Recharge technology and recharges energy that's lost due to aging or stress, offering an instant improvement in the skin.