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HERA releases ROUGE HOLIC CREAM and ROUGE HOLIC MATTE for absolute presence on the lips through a selection of 34 colors and distinguishing textures.

These are new versions of HERA’s iconic lipstick, ROUGE HOLIC following the sensational ROUGE HOLIC SHINE released last season. With various colors and textures, these advanced ROUGE HOLIC versions offer a wide range of choices for customers.

The most notable qualities of new ROUGE HOLIC CREAM and ROUGE HOLIC MATTE are the selection of 34 colors and their contrasting textures to give your look perfection through sensual and alluring lip makeup.

ROUGE HOLIC CREAM has a glide-on melting texture in 24 clear, lucid colors presenting an extremely sensual moment when wearing the lipstick. Plus, the concentration of oil keeps the lips moisturized and comfortable all day long.

ROUGE HOLIC MATTE in ten vivid fascinating colors blends in seamlessly with the lips and creates a long-lasting lip makeup look that’s completely different from ROUGE HOLIC CREAM. In particular, black cumin butter provides a moisturizing effect to give a smooth, comfortable finish without feeling dry even though the lipstick has a matte texture.

They come in a total of 34 colors for different SEOULISTA looks and styles. The main colors are ROUGE HOLIC CREAM NO.112 KILLING PINK, NO.247 STUNNING CORAL, NO.297 FLAME, NO.327 TEMPTING CHERRY and ROUGE HOLIC MATTE NO.345 CARMEN.

HERA’s new ROUGE HOLIC CREAM and ROUGE HOLIC MATTE with differentiated colors and textures are available at HERA shops in department stores across Korea, duty free shops and through Amore counselors.