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In January 2018, HERA releases new ROSY-SATIN CREAM for rosy-satin skin that is well-moisturized inside and feels as soft as a rose petal.

The key to good beautiful skin that feels as soft as a rose petal yet fully moisturized inside, as defined by global makeup artist Isabell Pain and named as rosy-satin skin by HERA, is having a smooth and healthy skin texture.

In particular, Rosy-Satin Complex in the cream helps to control the skin cell turnover cycle of skin texture that lacks firmness and vitality. It gives a supple and satin-smooth skin that creates a healthy glow when the light is reflected, and thus preps the skin for better makeup results.

The skin looks rough, dull and often causes cakey makeup in the cold and dry winter, but with ROSY-SATIN CREAM, you can create a supple, smooth and healthy complexion in ideal conditions for the best makeup results.

HERA ROSY-SATIN CREAM with its creamy melt-in texture and delicate rose fragrance is available at HERA shops in department stores across Korea, duty free shops and through Amore counselors.