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Highly functional foundation that gives added volume, smoothness, and radiance for a younger-looking skin that is full of vitality

all skin types day/night Skin brightening UV protection Anti-wrinkle


Supple skin with added volume: Serum in Emulsion

The creamy texture delivers the highly concentrated yet smooth serum and forms a thin moisture barrier on the skin for deep moisturization.

Healthy skin full of vitality: micro glam pearls

Minute pearls that are not visible to the eyes hide the causes of skin dullness and add radiance, smoothness, and volume to the skin. They keep the skin radiant and prevent darkening.

Takes care of aging early on to maintain a younger-looking skin: VitalixirⓇ

Based on numerous years of AMORE PACIFIC’s skin research, we have deducted the five factors that cause aging early on according to each age group (wrinkles / suppleness / radiance / skin texture / skin tone) to develop a vital diagram. We did not only research about the actual changes in the skin’s characteristics caused by aging but also the development of our awareness about aging to find out ways on how to take care the signs of aging and provide a makeup that enhances the skin’s vitality. As a result, we developed VitalixirⓇ that is optimized to each of our product series. With VitalixirⓇ, the makeup becomes more effective in taking care of the factors of aging early on for a healthier and younger-looking skin.

how to

  • Pump twice to take a pea-sized amount on the back of your hand after applying the makeup base.
  • Dab small dots of the product on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
  • Use your middle and ring fingers to spread it over the skin.
  • Use the tip of your middle finger to apply a thin, even layer around the eyes and lips and both sides of the nose.