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Super pigmented slim lipstick with a luminous matte formula for exquisitely beautiful, elaborate lip makeup

all skin types day/night

Draw on your lips with rich color and contour.

Draw on your lips with rich color and contour.  image
[RAP A] Hook) Sleek for me Sleek That I Made Edge Verse) Real Me Every day 다양한 모습을 보여주는 Today 부드럽다가도 엣지있게 지금의 나 컬러풀 할 때 어제와 다른 너를 (Sleek) 오늘은 다른 나를 (Draw) Draw your lip Make it my Edge Draw your lip See my Sleek I’m the Queen of Lip Star, huh I’m the Queen of Lip Star Hook) Sleek for me Sleek of mine Sleek that I made Edge I’m the Queen of Lip Star HERA



Slim lipstick for a smooth sway between line and surface

A new lipstick combining lip line and lipstick to exquisitely line the lips and elaborately fill the lips with color

Ultra intense color seamlessly blends in with the lips

Grinding increases the ratio of pigment particles for the sheer beauty of extra rich color. Super pigmented lipstick adds enriched color to the lips with a single touch.

An innovative texture that’s smooth and lasts for a long time

Though it’s hard and doesn’t easily break/crumble, the texture glides on smoothly and stays true to its color for a long time.

how to

    Draw an exquisite line along the shape of the lips with ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK and fill in the lips.

  • Shelf Life
    • Shelf life marked on the case
    • Storing Keep the product in a cool place at 10–30ºC away from direct sunlight.
  • Precautions
    • Do not use the product for purposes other than lip makeup.
    • Do not keep the product at high/low temperatures or in any area exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Stop using the product if abnormal symptoms occur.
    • If you drop the product from a height, it may crack or break from the case.