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Nail top coat that reflects the sunlight to enhance the shine and color of your nail polish through the gel effect

all skin type day/night

Exceptional shine

Polymer compound offering excellent shine and a long-wear effect.

Transparent coat

Clear top coat to enhance the color and provide a clear, glossy finish.

Flexible but robust film

Formulated with an excellent film forming agent to give a flexible yet robust top coat.

how to

  • Once the nail polish has dried completely, take an ample amount with the brush and quickly stroke, starting at the base to the tips of your nails.
  • If you put too little, the nail polish will easily come off with the stroke of the brush, and if you put too much top coat, it will take too long to dry.
  • It is recommended that you do not use your hands until the top coat has dried completely (at least 3–5 minutes).
  • Shelf life
    • Use within 24 months of opening.
  • Cautions
    1. If any nail polish is left on the bottle neck, the brush may get stuck and get pulled out of the cap. Keep the bottle neck clean using either a tissue or cotton pad.
    2. If the brush comes out of the cap, simply put it back in its place, then push and twist.