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HERA Magic Starter is a multi starter that gives a bright beauty filter effect by controlling the skintone using transparent light and boosts makeup adhesion with its moisturizing power and smooth texture care. (SPF index, PA index and UV blocking effect are only included in MAGIC STARTER No.01~03)

all skin types day/night UV protection

MAGIC STARTER HERA Self filter long lasting Deep Moist 손등에 펌핑 화장이 무너지기 쉬운 다이아몬드존에 도포 쫀쫀한 밀착을 위해 꼼꼼하게 롤링 화사한 윤기를 위해 바깥쪽으로 슬라이딩 톤업효과 지속을 위해 얼굴을 감싸듯 밀착 Deep Moist Self filter Long lasting


Self-adjusting Beauty Filter Effect
Brighter and more luminous skin controlled with lighting powder and color matching according to the skin tone

A lighting powder that brightens the skin as if in a spotlight : Translucent lighting powder transmitsor reflects light to correct the skin tone. This is different from the skin tone correction of previous makeup base products that are thick and simple. Also, the lighting powder clearly expresses the foundation color by giving off a transparent radiance and gloss through light reflection.
A specialized color system to express lively complexion as if a filter is applied : The effect that brightens a dull complexion has been realized by developing a specialized color that can give a lively complexion on various skin tones.

Makeup boosting effect designed from various angles
A powder with excellent adhesion power against breakage, dryness, darkening and sloppiness offer steady brightness

HERA Magic Starter improves makeup longevity through the magnetic effect that holds makeup tight using the fix effect powder. Thus, the makeup stays as moist and smooth as when it was applied in the morning with a clean coverage and dewy finish bright.

Moisturizes and smoothens the skin for effective makeup blending
For that ideal, deeply moisturized and firm skin condition that blends well with makeup

The fresh and light essence texture that consists of trehalose component is immediately felt on the skin. The moisture wax maintains deep moisture for a long time. Also, the European chestnut extract tightens skin and boosts the skin into a firm and well-polished complexion that blends well with makeup.

Color recommendation based on your skin tone

  • Rose: Giving a lively brightness to dark or dull skin
  • Lavender: Giving clear brightness by correcting the strong yellow skin tone
  • Mint: Giving clean and clear brightness by correcting the strong red skin tone
  • Shimmery White: Dazzling brightness that gives a transparent threedimensional look to the face

how to

  1. After the skin care step, place a pea-size amount on the back of your hand.
  2. Dot on areas of your face in this order: cheek → forehead → nose → chin.
  3. Spread and apply as closely as possible using your middle and ring fingers.
  4. Apply thinly but evenly on the eye, nose, and mouth areas using the tip of your middle finger.
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 12 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10–30ºC away from direct sunlight.