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An auto pencil type eyeliner with a creamy texture and rich colors

all skin types day/night


NO.2 BROWN image

9 colors of creamy texture

9 fascinating colors and two different textures for colorful, alluring eyeliner look

Simple and slim auto type pencil

The sharpener inside the slim eyeliner body ensures easy drawing of delicate lines anywhere and anytime.

Waterproof formula for a long-lasting makeup look

It instantly blends in with the skin and stays put without smudging.

Difficulty of use and no smudge factor
  • Eye Designer Pencil
    • Auto pencil type for various looks from natural to intense color effect.
    • Easiness of use ★★★★★
    • No smudge ★★★
  • Easy Styling Eye Liner
    • The brush pen easily draws thick and vivid lines.
    • Easiness of use ★★★★
    • No smudge ★★★★
  • Clear Liquid Eye Liner
    • Water-proof type for thin lines that appear clear and vivid.
    • Easiness of use ★★★
    • No smudge ★★★★★

how to

    Draw lines along the eyes, filling in the gaps between lashes.


  • Draw lines and wait for 5 seconds to dry. This will help it stay put and last longer.


  • Use your fingers or cotton swab to blend colors to add depth.
  • Use two or more colors to create a colorful, sophisticated look.
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 12 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10~30˚C away from direct sunlight.