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SIGNIA CREAM to give absolute beauty

PRINTS 2017-01-02
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Anti-aging solution with enduring vitality to fight against time

HERA offers a special cream for skin which easily loses its strength in seasons when the wind blows dry and cold.
SIGNIA CREAM gives the best skincare experience – instant radiance and strength, which makes the skin supple and smooth.

SIGNIA CREAM to give absolute beauty

SIGNIA CREAM with its rich, smoothly melting texture and luxurious fragrance is beyond skincare. Three million narcissus plant cells filled with the strong vitality of narcissus provide suppleness and smooth glow to ensure the best anti-aging result, keeping the skin youthful and glowing against time and external irritants.

Narcissus Stem, the sole source of narcissus’ vital power
SIGNIA for beautiful born-again skin is inspired by the narcissus, a flower symbolizing of elegance and strength. The narcissus bud might seem to be withered in a barren land, but it grows again and gives forth a beautiful flower that stands strong against the biting cold when watered. HERA discovered the potential of skin vitality from this mysterious flower growing stronger over time and, after long years of research, it developed narcissus stem, which is the very essence of strong vitality.

Stem-Cord™ for the skin’s vitality which grows stronger with age
HERA has studied plant cell to find the secret of its vitality and eventually completed SIGNIA’s anti-aging technology – Stem-Cord™. The amazing power of three million narcissus cells in a bottle of SIGNIA CREAM is delivered through HERA’s advanced anti-aging technology Stem-Cord™ for dazzling glow and beauty beyond.

The powerful anti-aging effect of SIGNIA CREAM to bring back skin’s suppleness and glow.

Its creamy yet light texture is quickly absorbed into the skin to provide a powerful anti-aging effect.

Customer survey

  • Suppleness The skin feels supple and bouncy.
  • Smoothness The skin feels much smoother and softer.
  • Natural glow The skin glows and looks healthy.
  • Target: 30 women aged between 40 and early 50 / From April 24 to May 2, 2015 / by Orange Intelligence