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PRINTS 2016-06-07
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[How to pick the best CUSHION]

STYLER's PICK: the best cushion picked by Styler
The second chapter in the history of the cushion market has begun. Every Korean beauty brand has released its own cushion foundations, while global brands have been quick to develop their own versions. It's almost as if, to borrow a phrase from the history books, we are now in a period of warring cushion foundations. Which cushion will win? Let's first find out what Styler readers who are busy with work and taking care of their children want from the cushion. Styler readers want their cushion to not create a cakey look, even if they roughly dab it over their face before going to the daycare center. They also want a cushion to make their dull, dry skin look bright, moisturized and vibrant and cover up any skin imperfections without having to use extra concealer. In short, they want a perfect cushion with full coverage that can create natural and yet glowing skin.
Unfortunately, there has not been a product that can deliver both coverage and a moisturizing effect. The problem is that moisturizing cushion foundations fall short of coverage, while cushions with good coverage can feel stuffy and cakey on skin lacking in moisture. But, everything has changed with the advent of HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION, which provides both moisture and coverage.

Solution to two of the most difficult problems of cushion foundations – moisturizing and coverage
HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION COVER SPF50+ PA+++ pulls up moisture in the skin through advanced Hypertonic Radiance™ to create plumped skin glowing with dewiness, yet also with a moist finish with Mineral Clay WaterEX, while small powder particles formulated with Ultrafine Dispersion technology ensure full coverage. HERA's original innovative Post-on Powder completes a flawless look with a single touch. It really is the easy and simple solution for a trendy, natural makeup look.

15g / KRW 47,000+ (refill included)


HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION review by Styler readers,
who have dubbed themselves cushion foundation buffs after having tried every cushion foundation available in Korea and abroad

  • "I have tried almost every cushion, but always felt a lack of coverage. The recently released Estée Lauder and Bobbi Brown cushions offer coverage as good as liquid-type foundations, but their matt finish doesn't really suit my taste. I prefer a moist dewy look. But, HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION. Wow! It seamlessly blends into the skin and builds up full coverage. Plus, it's simply perfect for makeup touchup. I'm really impressed."
    - by Kim Jay (a model for online fashion shop, Holy J)
  • "I recently tried YSL, Shu Uemura and MAC cushions, but I failed to find the right one for me. Some of them didn't match my skin tone, while others weren't moist enough for my dry skin. But, HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION was definitely different, and certainly worthy of the name. It brightens up the dark circles under the eyes and yet the skin feels light and pretty! Not to mention its refreshing dewy finish! It creates an airbrushed look that lasts all day long, even when I hastily pat it over the face right before the meeting. It's a must-have item in my pouch."
    - by Choi Young-mi (CEO of online fashion shop, Elegance Cho-i)
  • "I have preferred global brand's liquid foundations over cushion foundations because of their high coverage. I've never liked how cushion foundations make my skin look cakey and don't last long. But, HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION offers great texture and buildable coverage to keep my skin look smooth, natural and fresh every time."
    - by Kim Hyun-ah (singer)
  • "I'm a real cushion foundation lover. I have tried all the latest, hottest cushion foundations, including Vant 36.5 and YSL. Most cushion foundations offer a light coverage, but I really couldn't care less. I have always preferred a light, natural makeup look. But, with HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION, things have changed. It gives full coverage and a sheer glow to the skin. Even its new package is so pretty that I'd like to carry it around in my pouch."
    - by Park Ju-hyun (Chinese language teacher)