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MAY 2016 Allure Editor's Pick - NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION

PRINTS 2016-06-01
하기 내용 참조

NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION solves two difficult problems of the cushion foundation – moisturizing and coverage.

Now that cushion foundation evolves into 2nd and 3rd generations, while global beauty brands launching their own version of the cushion product, the original cushion cannot simply stand by and do nothing. HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION COVER picked by Allure editors is the K-beauty leader for giving plumped-up, glowing skin.

  • "It seamlessly blends in with the skin like cream to leave it looking plumped and glowing with a light finish. Plus, it offers such a great coverage that it hides skin imperfections and dull complexion and lasts long. This all-new cushion offers both moisturizing and coverage!"
    - Cho Eun-seon (Beauty Editor at Allure)

Coverage that is totally different from the past
Cushion foundation is a must-have item that every woman seemingly keeps in their makeup bag. Its popularity lies in its ability to create great, dewy glowing skin in 10 seconds with a simple dab. Allure editors picked HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION because of its moist, light texture, blendable formula and coverage enhanced with Ultra Micro Dispersion technology. It broke the old stereotype of coverage being inversely proportional to the moisture of the texture by completing a perfect base makeup that offers both coverage and moisturizing.

Plumped glowing skin
HERA's new UV MIST CUSHION pulls up moisture in the skin through the advanced Hyper Tonic Radiance™ effect of Mineral Clay Water EX to create plumped, glowing skin. The combination of Mineral Clay Water and high molecular moisturizer capable of holding moisture up to thousand times its weight gives a welcome boost to hydration. Plus, high content Blooming Oil adds a luxurious radiance with UV protection of SPF 50+ / PA+++. From the simple modern and sophisticated packaging inspired by SEOULISTA to the new puff with its upper side coated to prevent contamination, HERA has made the strongest cushion in the market stronger still.

15 g x 2/ KRW 47,000+