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HERA wins 2015 Allure Best of Beauty Awards

PRINTS 2015-10-06
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HERA ROUGE HOLIC No.147 Supreme Pink

3 g / KRW 35,000+

In the high-profile lipstick category at the 2015 Allure Best of Beauty Awards, editors sided with HERA ROUGE HOLIC No.147 Supreme Pink. Its strength lies in keeping the lips moist and smooth for a long time thanks to an elastic film formed from vegetable squalane, which is excellent at moisturizing the lips, and a high-gloss polymer which acts to prevent the loss of moisture. Editors agreed that it applies as smoothly and lightly as a cream thanks to its high moisturizer content, which keeps the skin looking full and luminous. Plus, its elastic texture glides and blends perfectly on the lips, offering high-gloss and long lasting color. And that's not to mention the true color it delivers with True Shade Pigment.


60 ml / KRW 280,000

The editors' pick in the anti-aging cream category was HERA SIGNIA CREAM, which is an enriched cream that provides essential moisture and nourishment to the skin with 3 million narcissus plant cells extracted from the dignified plant of the narcissus, which is famous for its strong vitality. Editors said that its melting texture is absorbed quickly into the skin, while its moderate level of oil makes it great for women in their 30s. They also explained that it improves both the moisture level and the firmness of the skin and gives a feel of the skin being tightened and pulled upward when applied. A moist, smooth skin texture and good skin firmness are the keys to getting younger looking skin and HERA SIGNIA CREAM is what helps improve both.