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Jun Jihyun in TV series The Legend of The Blue Sea
dazzles women with her clean, flawless skin and hot-pink lips

SBS 푸른 바다의 전설 캡쳐컷

The highly anticipated SBS drama series The Legend of the Blue Sea finally airs starting November 16, 2016.

It has recorded great viewer ratings, as high as 16.4% from the very first episode, and became a media sensation. The first episode showed a dramatic encounter between the mermaid and her human lover and how fate reunited them. In the drama series, Jun Jihyun wowed viewers with her beautiful mermaid figure under water, her glamorous pink dress and her stunning wedding dress. With clean, dewy glowing skin and voluptuous hot pink lips, she was widely acclaimed for her perfect recreation of a mermaid.
The items used to create a mysterious and yet lovely mermaid character in the series were HERA CELL ESSENCE and OIL SERUM MAGIC FORMULA. HERA UV MIST CUSHION was used to make a truly gorgeous dewy look for her performance as a pure and elegant mermaid.

In addition, a light touch lip balm and hot pink lipstick ROUGE HOLIC No.147 SUPREME PINK added to her adorable presence in the modern-day scene.

After watching the first episode, Netizens were amazed by how gorgeous Jun Jihyun looked in the series and wondered about the secrets of her clean flawless skin and beautiful hot pink lips.
The second episode of the hottest drama series The Legend of The Blue Sea will be aired tonight (November 17).