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Successful brand launch event in Mainland China

하기 텍스트 참조


HERA marked the beginning of its global expansion with a successful brand launch event in Mainland China on July 15.

Over 250 guests including brand model Jun Ji-hyun, members of the Chinese mainstream media and VIPs came to the launch event held at Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing to celebrate HERA's global debut. A video of HERA's best-selling products such as CELL ESSENCE and UV MIST CUSHION along with a performance portraying SEOULISTA, the muse for HERA, drew admiration from guests. Jun Ji-hyun took center stage through a flurry of flashlights as she appeared from behind the screen while the brand movie was being shown. "I am glad to be here at an event to celebrate the launch of HERA in Mainland China. I hope that the beauty of Korean women spreads across the whole world through HERA", said Jun Ji-hyun.

HERA's high sales record was also remarkable, proving its great popularity in Mainland China. According to SKP officials, HERA's first Chinese store in SKP ranks top for sales among all cosmetics brands available in SKP on July 16. Its remarkable sales performance follows the brand launch event. SKP has never seen a new brand taking the No.1 spot in sales so soon, noting that this was a great example of HERA's power and the real presence of K-beauty.

Starting with renowned SKP and Hanguang Department Store in Beijing, Mainland China in July, HERA will open stores in luxury department stores in Mainland China to lead Asian beauty trends as a global beauty brand representing Asia with its own innovative products for youthful flawless skin, including UV MIST CUSHION, ROUGE HOLIC and CELL ESSENCE.

Korean women fascinate the world with confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty; SEOULISTA is a new future beauty icon, rivalling Parisienne and New Yorker. SEOULISTA is a muse that embodies HERA's Exceptional Beauty from Seoul. She is a beautiful representation of Korea and a beauty icon that creates and fosters a differentiated culture of beauty, which goes beyond beauty brands. HERA delivers the special beauty and value of K-beauty around the world through SEOULISTA.