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The fuchsia pink lovely look of Park Min-young is creating a tremendous sensation


Actress Park Min-young is making the headlines with her lovely looks in Episode 11 of Healer, hot TV series aired on KBS2.
The TV drama series Healer on KBS2 is creating a sensation for the amazing face-off between Ji Chang-wook and bad guys in each and every episode.
Particularly in Episode 11, which aired on March 12, Park Min-young (playing Chae Young-sin) showed a whole-new lovely look for date with Ji Chang-wook (playing Seo Jeong-hoo).

Park Min-young has captivated TV audiences with her natural looks, clean and younger looking skin. Then, in Episode 11, she did a 180-degree turn and showcased a lovely look with pure white colored knitwear, adorable beret and fuchsia pink lipstick. This was all for a hot date with Healer Ji Chang-wook, who had protected her from danger. While viewers initially focused on whether Healer would finally reveal his true identity that he had been hiding, the completely new lovely lip makeup of Park Min-young caught their eyes. The lipstick that Park Min-young wore in Healer is HERA ROUGE HOLIC No.147 SUPREME PINK [3g / KRW 35,000] with a melt-in texture to give moist, vibrant and healthy-looking lips.

Netizens who watched Episode 11 of Healer said that the lipstick worked great on her milky-white skin and that Park Min-young looked so beautiful. She pulled it off with a single lipstick. And some wondered about the color of the lipstick Park Min-young wore, while others hoped that the relationship between Park Min-young and Healer Ji Chang-wook would soon develop into a romance.