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The movie for HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN has become an internet sensation


HERA chose actor Lee Jung-jae as its new HERA HOMME model, with a TV commercial video released at the same time to great fanfare.

The TV commercial video of HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN featuring actor Lee Jung-jae was released on May 1. Lee is currently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance as an actor and for his commanding presence on screen. In the commercial, he exerted a radiant presence as a man who has his own essence with passion and belief.

Consumers who watched the video were impressed: "That's Lee Jung-jae!", "It's 'luxury' itself!", "I really want to use Lee's essence.", and "HERA HOMME and Lee Jung-jae, they're a natural match!"

Yim Hae-ri, manager of HERA HOMME says, "Lee Jung-jae is one of the best actors in Korea. He has this image of being a prudent, high-class gentleman, which makes him the right person for HERA HOMME. Lee Jung-jae is a man who is radiant wherever he is and has his own center, or essence. Lee is a professional actor who always behaves like a professional with strict discipline, which makes him the right model for ESSENCE IN SKIN, a skin toner powered by its own essence."

Furthermore, HERA HOMME is providing customers with the opportunity to get a sample of ESSENCE IN SKIN (125 ml, 40,000+ KRW) and enjoy the high concentration of skincare essence through Lee Jung-jae's Special Lecture about Men video ( Those who watch the video will be given a mobile coupon for an ESSENCE IN SKIN 20 ml sample kit, which is valid from May 12 to 30. The video is available on HERA's official YouTube channel, and anyone can join the event (one coupon valid per mobile phone).