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The 3-step makeup trick for getting a clear baby face, shared in celebration of the launch of HERA MAGIC STARTER


Celebrating the launch of MAGIC STARTER scheduled in February, HERA held a beauty class on the 3-step makeup trick for a clear baby face, inviting beauty power bloggers and HERA VIPs.

Held at Maison De La Categorie, Seoul on the 22nd, this event showcased the launch of MAGIC STARTER to 30 beauty power bloggers and 5 HERA VIPs, as well as a demonstration of a 3-step makeup trick using MAGIC STARTER. Lee Jin-soo, HERA's chief makeup artist, demonstrated makeup on new actress Kim Mi-jeong, who is a prospect from SM Entertainment, with the audience looking on, engaged.

This is how the 3-step makeup trick helps you get a clear, baby face. First, apply MAGIC STARTER cream that makes your skin receptive to makeup in any situation with its 'Moisture Cling, Luster Cling, Coat Cling' effect. Then, apply CC CREAM to boost coverage. Lastly, apply UV MIST CUSHION to add luster. The beauty power bloggers who saw the demonstration and tried the product said: "It really clings to my skin!", "It looks set to be another big hit, following FINISHER.", "HERA never disappoints me.", and "Can I now get a clear baby face with 3-step makeup?"

HERA MAGIC STARTER (50 ml, 45,000+ KRW), which is due for release in February, creates optimal skin before applying makeup by replenishing the water in the skin and taking care of skin texture. This enables the skin to be more receptive to makeup and allows the makeup to stay longer with its 'Moisture Cling, Luster Cling, and Coat Cling' effect.