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바이탈 리프팅 메이크업 라인

HERA brings you a new VITAL LIFTING MAKEUP line designed to create smooth, bright and young-looking skin with a sense of volume.

The VITAL LIFTING MAKEUP line is aimed at expressing more elastic, younger-looking skin with radiance that comes from the inside and bright energy coming from a healthy bloom. VITALIXIR® of VITAL LIFTING MAKEUP makes your skin younger through total care of the five signs of aging skin: wrinkles, loss of elasticity, weakened skin tone, skin texture and luster.

The line consists of three components: VITAL LIFTING ESSENTIAL BASE, VITAL LIFTING FOUNDATION, and VITAL LIFTING TAPPING PACT. VITAL LIFTING ESSENTIAL BASE and VITAL LIFTING FOUNDATION create smooth, bright makeup by enhancing the skin's natural vitality and beauty. VITAL LIFTING TAPPING PACT is used with its 4D Mushroom Puff to tap on the skin. It's a foundation pact that comes in a new concept to complete 'silky radiance' makeup that feels moist on the inside and fresh on the outside, while the tapping effect covers any flaws on the skin.

This January, make skin more elastic and healthy with HERA's VITAL LIFTING MAKEUP line.