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HERA CELL-BIO CREAM is a global phenomenon


HERA's new CELL-BIO CREAM has become an overnight sensation, with floods of calls inquiring about it in just its first week of being launched.

On December 17, the Cell-Silhouette movie created for preliminary sampling of CELL-BIO CREAM got 2 million hits in just 22 days. The story of the movie is about a women who was losing her beauty with the passage of time, but then finds CELL-BIO CREAM and discovers her dazzling beauty again. This women touched on universal themes that spoke to many women, which explains the video's success.

The clear, baby face of Shin Min-a, the famous Korean actress in HERA's TV commercial, generated a terrific response among customers right after product launch: "Wow, Shin Min-a is epic!", "I love her elastic and bright skin", "The commercial featuring Shin Min-a is a great success", "Is it true the skin can be changed like hers?"

"The shadow performance video has become a huge sensation online and the TV commercial featuring Shin Min-a has helped drive sales of CELL-BIO CREAM," said a source from HERA. "The satisfaction level of customers who participated in sampling or purchased the product is also very high. This is because customers buy it with confidence in HERA's Cell-Bio technology, which was developed through 87,600 hours of R&D and which has been patented in five countries."

HERA's CELL-BIO CREAM (50ml, 90,000+ KRW) is available at major department stores nationwide, and you can check out the Cell-Silhouette movie and the TV commercial featuring Shin Min-a on HERA's website and Facebook page.