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[Dancer, Director of Collective A jinyeob Cha]

(Subtitles in the video)
Q How do you overcome your limitations?

When working or creating, I have a specialty.
And I truly believe in myself because I have it.
I’m focused on finding abilities inside myself.

Q How does age affect your performing?

A well-sculpted and toned, young body
is not the only thing that is beautiful on stage.
The dancer’s thoughts while on stage
and their mindset are more important.
I think aging with the passage of time
can make a performance more refined.

Q About “beauty”

Rather than visual beauty,
a person’s speech, actions, and step over time
are what make them look beautiful.
People who possess this kind of beauty
leave long-lasting impressions.

Q First impression of Signia?

It’s like plain jeans and a white t-shirt
and a confident walk.
It doesn’t look special,
but what’s inside is strong.

Q Feeling after using Signia?

It feels so smooth and silky.
When I wake up in the morning,
even the tension deep inside is gone.
It feels like it completes me.

Q Advice to modern women today

I hope you become essentialists.
Knowing and choosing what’s important in your life,
having courage to pass up what isn’t right for you,
and trusting in yourself are most important.