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[Lyricist Eana Kim]

(Subtitles in the video)
Q How do the Signia Deep Talks make you feel?

People happy with themselves
and living passionately have a commonality:
The way they look and live is the way
other people perceive them.

Q Your experience with Signia?

I put it on and let some time pass
until I feel really great.
As soon as I put it on I feel great, surprisingly.
When I slept, it did something inside, too.
I put it on at night when I was really tired
and when I woke up I felt amazing
because my healthy glow was back.
It’s perfect for me!

Q What does “beauty” mean to Eana Kim?

As time goes by, everything about you
comes through in your smile and behavior.
That natural progression
is where I think beauty comes from.

Q Advice to modern women today

I live like a wheel that keeps spinning.
But to make that first full turn,
I really struggled in life.
Now I feel self-secure
and I’m very proud of myself.
I hope everyone can make their own wheel.
Don’t worry about if it is boring,
and just find your own rhythm.
I hope you find a rhythm that makes you comfortable.