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[Writer, Kyoung Sun Lim]

(Subtitles in the video)
Q Meaning of ‘aging’?

To be brutally honest, aging isn’t any fun.
But no one can avoid it.
We have to think about what we can do at that moment:
What am I becoming? Who am I?
What am I in search of? If you can think about that,
Aging is really not such a bad thing.

Q When you feel most like yourself?

I feel most like myself when I’m honest.
When I stick to what I want.
Right now, being honest means
not doing something I don’t want to do.

Q About “beauty”

Beauty is very deep.
When a person’s experiences come together
and create a particular mood or air about them,
then I feel like they are truly beautiful.

Q Honest thoughts about Signia?

I was surprised. After using Signia cream,
my long-neglected skin
soaked up the rich nourishment all at once.
True to its essence.
Without being flashy, it’s a solid product.

Q Advice to modern women today

I hope you live as the star of your own life.
Give yourself just a little more attention,
see some small changes,
and do this as you age with time.
I hope that you all go naturally
where your heart leads you.