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The absolutely arresting beauty of SIGNIA for skin vitality

Everyone wants skin vitality, but not everyone can have it. Three million narcissus plant cells awaken the skin’s natural vitality for beauty that’s absolutely arresting. Experience strong skin vitality now through three million narcissus plant cells, the energy of narcissus which blossoms from barren soil.

Three million narcissus plant cells awakens the skin’s natural vitality. HERA SIGNIA

HERA discovered the secret of strong vitality narcissus plant cells

Narcissus has such strong vitality under its graceful figure

HERA found the secret of skin vitality from narcissus, which blooms though its flowers and stems are cut, just so long as it has a bulb and is provided with water, even in poor soil.

Narcissus with strong vitality inside a graceful figure Narcissus plant cell, the essence of HERA’s plant cell research

HERA is the first to discover the narcissus plant cell, the quintessence of strong vitality through extensive research on narcissus. Three million narcissus plant cells formulated with HERA’s original technology give revitalizing energy for the skin.

Stem-CordTM, the secret of vitality that grows stronger with age

HERA's original Stem-CordTM technology developed based on the secret of narcissus plant cell and its vital power sets a new standard of anti-aging care that makes the skin grow stronger with age.
STEM-CORDTM: Three million narcissus plant cells + LiquidumTM taking care of the skin's condition


The strong vitality of three million plant cells to make the skin bloom with youthfulness again


The more you apply, the more radiant, stronger and suppler the skin becomes


The 4-week total anti-aging program ampoule makes skin elastic and full of vitality with the essence of vitality contained in Narcissus


Rich textured eye treatment smoothly glides over the skin around the eyes and lends smooth suppleness


A total anti-aging care water that purifies the skin with its fresh as morning dew Narcissus-Dew™ formula


A total anti-aging care emulsion with the formula carrying the vitality of Narcissus Water™ for skin that glows from within