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rosy-satin cream - smooth skin moisture rosy glow

Rosy-Satin Cream for skin that feels moisturized on the inside and soft on the outside
Ideal skin condition through skin texture care

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A cream developed by the inspiration of the definition of ‘Rosy-Satin skin’ defined by global make-up artist

Isabelle Pain, a global makeup artist, defines a good skin as the one with a supple outside and dewy inside. We named this skin condition ‘rosy-satin skin,’ and found the method to realize it with a even and healthy skin texture.

A global makeup artist working backstage at Chanel and Christian Dior fashion shows

À mes yeux, une peau idéale doit apparaître en surface aussi douce et soyeuse que du satin, mais être en profondeur aussi bien hydratée qu’un pétale de rose

"For me, the most ideal skin is smooth and satin-like on the outside but dewy inside, a lot like rose petals."

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Isabelle Pain


Rosy-Satin Cream for 'Rosy-Satin Skin' that is smooth on the outside and moist on the inside

Elaborate and firming care realized through various angles makes the skin smooth and vitalized The cream containing Rosy-Satin Complex helps control skin turnover cycle of skin texture lacking firmness and vitality.
The supple and healthy skin texture allows the skin to look clearer, brighter and smoother when light reflects on the skin.
An innovative cream that makes not only your skin better, but also your makeup blend in better Its firming care helps smooth your skin so that makeup never gets creased.
A dewy makeup look that holds moisture on it is achieved by caring for the oil-moisture balance on the skin.
Rosy Glow
A mousse cake-like texture and sensual rosy fragrance embrace the tired skin of today's busy women The cream melts softly into the skin to deliver deep moisture while smoothly covering the skin surface for a long-lasting feeling of comfort and a delicate rosy fragrance.

Experience Rosy-Satin Cream and take the flawless beauty of your skin to new heights!